Investigation Services

Civil & Criminal Investigation

Majority of all cases investigated by RCM Investigation involve civil and criminal lawsuits. We are highly experienced in preparing civil and criminal cases for settlement or trial. Whether the plaintiff or defense contracts our agency, we understand the need to document the events, identify the potentially liable parties, and assess the damages. RCM Investigation is experienced in working with the litigating law firm in preparing the case for trial. We will work with the trial attorney to thoroughly cover all issues and evidence. We can provide testimony pertaining to photographs, videotape, diagrams, documents, and witness rebuttal.

Corporate Investigations

RCM Investigation, assists corporations, non-profit organizations and law firms in identifying, responding, and mitigating risk through a comprehensive and integrated suite of professional service offerings.

RCM Investigation is known for solving complex business problems, reducing risk and improving employee morale for clients.

RCM Investigation’s hallmark is conducting undercover workplace investigations, with an emphasis on identifying various forms of misconduct, followed by investigative interviews.

Our investigators are thoroughly versed and vetted in all types of workplace investigations concerning white-collar crimes, theft, substance abuse and other forms of crimes against businesses. Our clients include small, family-run businesses to major companies.

We are committed to providing long-term solutions with uncompromising integrity, quality, and value.

Fraud Investigation

When public sector professionals, corporations, suspect fraudulent financial reporting or misappropriation of assets, RCM Investigation investigates to determine the existence, nature and extent of the fraud. Our forensic accountants and technology specialists work to identify the perpetrator and, where possible, recover the loss. When efforts have been made to conceal evidence, members of our forensic technology team recover and process the digital evidence using sophisticated software. Additionally, we examine current processes and procedures and recommend controls to prevent or reduce the possibility of future fraud. In all of these circumstances, we provide supporting documents and are available to serve as expert witnesses in civil and criminal litigation.

And in matters involving the prosecution or defense of white collar crime, our experienced fraud investigators employ a wide variety of tactics to detect, document and present financial evidence. Our professionals are certified as fraud specialist, accountants, and computer forensics experts.

Sophisticated software and technology tools that review, match and examine vast amounts of electronic financial data assist us to quickly detect anomalies and identify questionable trend.

Identity Theft Investigation

We assist clients in determining the extent their personal credit and identity have been misappropriated and compromised. We uncover inconsistencies in personal credit and/or business histories. We assist in notifying credit bureaus with fraud alerts. We contact monitoring companies that watch your credit reports and implement security freezes. We notify the Federal Trade Commission, check new credit accounts versus existing ones, deal with debt collectors, and more.

Computer & Mobile Forensic Investigation

Our computer and mobile forensic investigations are conducted in a forensically sound manner, thus preserving the integrity associated with a particular piece of electronic evidence. As licensed private detectives, we are better qualified to find evidence than the average office IT specialist or other IT companies, because we already have the investigative knowledge, training, and mindset. We have a multitude of software programs and tools to employ, along with our vast experience in both the technological aspects and generally accepted investigation practices. This combination is vital to preventing any corruption of the evidence.

Questioned Document Examination

RCM Investigation understands that forensic document examiners are faced with a growing number of challenges today including: forgeries, alterations, image and page substitution, and hidden security features in printing technology. In response to these challenges, our document examinations and handwriting comparisons are skillfully performed by one of our renowned forensic expert, who is experienced in the court-directed protocols for evidence handling and testimony as an expert witness. The results of all handwriting comparisons are listed in a forensic investigative report, and indicate only if the document presented for examination was, or was not written by a specific individual in question. When listing the results of a full forensic examination of a questioned document, the investigative report will specify whether or not evidence of tampering or counterfeiting is present, and where it appears.

Background Investigation

Background Investigations are very unique assignments and require professional investigators that know how to apply your circumstances to do the right job. While basic investigative and research techniques are employed, the investigator must be highly skilled in assessing and analyzing information, as well as, developing and following leads. RCM Investigation has designed a proven investigative method to conduct background investigations. Understanding your problem and properly preparing the investigation are the most essential elements of every assignment.

We analyze your case history in order to design a plan to best suit your needs and budget. When this process is complete, an outline of everything that needs to be accomplished is printed and disseminated to staff. Specific responsibilities are given to the investigator or researcher most adept to effectively handle a specific part of the case. Everyone assigned to the investigation has the case history, understands the client’s goals and objectives, has specific roles, and directly reports to the senior investigator and case manager. This organizational system literally puts all of us on the same page.

Asset Searches

If you have a civil judgment from a law suit, or are thinking about filing a civil law suit but are unsure if the defendant is collectable, our private investigators are here to help you find any hidden assets. Our asset searches are comprehensive and they may include, income potential, property history, vehicles title searches, employment verification, bank account searches, business ownership, airplane titles, motorcycles, boats, ATV’s, vessels, vacation properties, and more tangible assets.

We will provide you with the information needed to potentially collect on that judgment. The facts are the facts; if they have assets in their name or a family member’s name we can and will find out the truth for you. Furthermore, we can complete surveillance of friends and family members to document if these assets that they report they no longer own are being stored at another address.

Our asset searches are designed to locate assets and give you the information you need for judgment collection or asset recovery. It is one of our goals to efficiently and cost effectively provides you with a comprehensive asset search on your subject. If you wish, our private investigators can provide you with surveillance to verify if any assets are hidden at the homes of friends or family members. RCM Investigation are NOT information brokers, reselling asset information found in simple public record databases. Our private investigators are experts and we are the choice for those who need to know the truth before they waste valuable time and money chasing an uncollectible debtor. Our private investigators are available to assist you in your asset recovery information, and any of your surveillance needs to document the use or storage of these assets.

Photographic Line-up

Photo Lineups are critical pieces of evidence when proving guilt, and are just as critical in exonerating the innocent. In addition, a professionally made photo lineup can reduce the cost associated with expert witness testimony. The Department of Justice recommends a photo lineup be comprised in such a manner that the suspect does not unduly stand out, fillers generally fit the witness description, and the suspect photo resembles the suspect description at the time of the incident. Other procedures should be followed to enhance the accuracy and reliability of the witness identification.

Having made over 100 photo lineups, RCM Investigation are well versed in the guidelines and criteria for constructing and administering a professional photo lineup.

Witness Interview

Witness interview is usually conducted to prepare an authentic witness statement that is required at a court of law during the process of litigation. A witness statement is a document recording the evidence of a person and signed by him to confirm that his statement is absolutely true to the best of his knowledge. We have a team of efficient and experienced investigators who are well aware of all the intricacies involved in undertaking an effective witness interview.

Usually, the first crucial step of conducting a witness interview is befriending the witness with a friendly and polite behavior so that it helps interviewers to ask discreet questions that are important for the case. We always concentrate and pay full attention to the witness statement as we would require interpreting the patterns of information received.

Our team of interviewers is well guided in the process of witness interview to ensure that we prepare an effective witness statement that would strengthen our client’s case.


We have an expert team of surveillance investigators who handle such covert operations deftly and confidentially. Our surveillance investigators are not only well-trained in their job but also have vast experience in the field which they have acquired by conducting surveillance assignments on a regular basis. We do understand that patience and perseverance are the two most important factors behind a successful surveillance assignment.

Apart from such soft skills our expert team of investigators is also equipped with the most advanced electronic devices that help them in their work like microphones, cameras specially night-vision cameras, and tracking devices like GPS and such others.

We do not base our investigation on mere presumptions and thus our deductions are always backed by solid evidences and irrevocable proof. Our investigators always collect photographic evidence in support of the case and prepare a detailed report as they understand the importance of documental evidence in any court of law. Moreover photographic evidences are also essential in case of infidelity investigations.

Service of Process

We can offer services of processing all types of legal documents, complaints, summons, cross complaints, show cause notices, writs, small claims, records and personal subpoenas. We have the necessary knowledge, experience and training to ensure our clients a professional service that has no scope for any fault.

As we understand the importance of the legal documents during any litigation process hence we always coordinate our process services as per the specific requirements of our clients. Moreover we also have a widespread investigative network that helps us to serve our clients irrespective of any locations and sometimes more than one location at the same time. Our attorney services are for document retrieval, delivery and pickup court filing, research copes, and court file copies to serve businesses as well as individuals.

Security Services

Commercial & Industrial Security Services

RCM Security has an extensive experience in commercial and industrial security patrol services. We provide 24/7 physical guard security and if your unhappy with your current patrol security, we will be happy to replace him or her with another security officer at no extra charge to you.

We provide vigilant and preventive patrol services and monitor the actions of our security personnel throughout the day. Our patrol services are excellent in nature and conduct. Furthermore, RCM Security provides patrol services in which guards come inspect a location at a specific time to check for vandalism, breaks-ins, theft or any suspicious behavior. If anything is noticed, our security personnel will immediately notify management, contact local authorizes and stay at the site until the issue is solved.

Residential & Special Event Security Services

We also specialize in private security services which includes private homes, apartment complexes, planned unit developments, shopping centers, weddings, parties and events. Our security personnel monitor with accuracy, detailed scope and provide daily reports on requests.

Loss Prevention & Plain Clothes Officers

RCM Security provides loss prevention, plain clothes and/or undercover security officers. There are many benefits of hiring loss prevention officers to help increase the safety of your company. Your bottom line profit will increase when you're able to cut out criminal or illegal activity, particularly in the retail, manufacturing, and transportation industries.

Executive and Personal Security

We also offers full personal body guard and executive security services for our VIP clients who require extra protection. RCM Security has extensive experience in personal body guard services. Our security personnel are fully uniformed or at your request can be dressed in professional dressed attire such as a suit or business casual. Furthermore, when providing personal guard service, clients may ask for an optional service of a luxury vehicle for guards to travel in.

Security Assessment

As an innovator in Loss Prevention and Security Assessment, RCM Security provide services directed at enhancing profits and improving work place safety and security. Our experienced staff can also help a client reduce their exposure to potential liability claims. Our single mission is to provide effective loss prevention and security assessment services to our clients, regardless of the type of business they own or control.

RCM Security utilizes new age technologies and traditional investigative techniques to develop and implement loss prevention and security assessment solutions for our clients.

Internal Audits

Companies today face the pressure of doing more with fewer resources. Every business function, including internal audit, is expected to bring value to the organization. Whether it's by reducing overall compliance costs or identifying cost containment opportunities by process improvement initiatives, management will look to internal audit to do their share. RCM Security understands these demands and offers internal audit services that not only can help you create and implement internal controls that safeguard your business assets, but also increase the efficiency, effectiveness and overall performance of the internal audit function.

Our professionals can work with you to assess your corporate level risk, identify the areas of greatest risk, and develop appropriate work plans and audit programs to mitigate these risks. Our services help you to assess your control environment and establish your ongoing compliance plan, complement your existing independent audit relationships and enhance the overall quality of your corporate governance.

Access Control/CCTV Services

RCM Security also provides the highest quality products coupled with professional installation and service to meet all of your Access Control and CCTV needs. We feature the latest in state of the art technology and individually custom tailor each one of our installations from simple to sophisticated, to ensure that you achieve a highly effective as well as aesthetically pleasing security solution.