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15 Work Situations That Clearly Spell Sexual Harassment

posted Aug 4, 2015, 10:31 PM by Resty Manapat

There is a thin line of difference between harmless office flirting and advances that might feel downright sleazy. If you have been wondering whether that lewd comment from a co-worker or pressure tactics by your boss to get you alone in a corner constitutes as sexual harassment or not, here is a checklist of situations. So, that anytime you are confronted with similar situations, you will not hesitate to stand up and say no. 

1) Offering perks in exchange for sex: It can be a promise of a promotion, raise, or different work assignment in exchange for sexual favors. 

2) Making threats: Making insinuations that your employment, wages, promotional opportunities, or other conditions of employment may be adversely affected by not submitting to sexual advances. 

3) Any advance that is not welcome: Any touch, remark or proposition that is done without your consent and makes you feel uncomfortable. 

4) Those vulgar looks: Leering, checking you out from top to bottom with a bold stare that makes you feel objectified. 

5) Sexually degrading language: If someone cracks a sexual joke at your expense with innuendos or gestures. 

6) Displaying sexually suggestive objects: It might include pictures, videotapes, graffiti and/or visuals that are not official or work-related and has explicit sexual content. 

7) SMS and e-mails: Sexually suggestive SMS or inappropriate e-mails that raise your hackles. 

8) Stalking: If someone is following your every move while intruding on your privacy, be it your daily routine or online! 

9) Unwanted physical contact: It may be in the form of excessive hugging, rubbing, touching, patting, pinching or massages that make you feel uncomfortable. 

10) Sexual violence: Right from rape, sexual assault, sexual battery, or sexual coercion: all of it is punishable by law. 

11) Making suggestive or insulting sounds: Whistling and cat calls to repeatedly draw your attention. 

12) Showering you with personal gifts: It may start with something as innocent as flowers and then can go on to jewelry and gifting of lingerie, which makes you feel indebted and uneasy. 

13) Probing into your sexual fantasies: If someone tries to cozy up to you and ask you about your sexual preferences or fantasies. Excuse me, but it is none of their business! 

14) Commenting on your personal choices: Passing comments on your body, dress, appearance, gender, your intimate relationships, activities etc. is not welcome. 

15) Pestering you to go out on a date: Repeatedly asking you for a date even after you have repeatedly said a ‘no'. There is a world of a difference between a guy who is genuinely interested in you and the one who just can't accept rejection. Go by your gut instinct. 

Source: iDiva